Autographed 1st Edition: The Duckmaster Disaster

Autographed 1st Edition: The Duckmaster Disaster

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In 2011, we self-published the first three books in the Mystery Ryders series. Then, we gave copies to young readers so see how they liked the books. Kids loved the first three mysteries, so we kept writing, and the series has now expanded to eight titles. But we still have a limited number of those original 1st-edition books in stock. 

The Duckmaster Disaster is Volume #3 in the series. Here's the storyline:

The Ryder family is staying at a hotel where a daily duck parade is the main attraction. When the hotel’s most famous duck goes missing, the Ryder kids try to solve the crime. Hotel security officers offer a few clues, but May and Hut have only 3 days to solve the mystery before their train leaves the station, and time is running out…fast.

 Each book is autographed by one or both of the authors.

Supplies of this 1st-edition book are limited, so order now.

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The Mystery of the Disappearing Dogs
ISBN: 978-1-937782-01-6
Publisher: A. Small Publishing Company
Genre: Children's Fiction, Children's Mystery
Product Type: Printed Book
Size: 5.75 in. x 8 in.
Page Count: 128