Mystery #2: The Scrambled Ski Lodge

Mystery #2: The Scrambled Ski Lodge

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The Ski Lodge Is Scrambled!

When May and Hut arrive at a snowy ski lodge, they find a mysterious troublemaker is pulling plenty of pranks.

This case is too small for the police and too complicated for the kids’ father, a world-famous mystery writer who is far too absent-minded to be of any help.

Can this tangled tale be unscrambled before May and Hut have to board their train for home?




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The Mystery of the Scrambled Ski Lodge
ISBN: 978-1-937782-11-5
Publisher: A. Small Publishing Company
Genre: Children's Fiction, Children's Mystery
Product Type: Printed Book
Size: 5.8 in. x 8.25 in.
Page Count: 128